• Reflections. 12-05-09.


    I spend all my days to be worried about many things in my life. Nobody understand me.
    I feel exacerbated feelings.
    For people or events.
    I am what I am.
    I wish people around me loves me entirely and not for who I can be.

    I finally question me about the possibilities which I have to be really liked.

    I think that people quickly get tired of my character.

    But I don't want to change.

    Bat, will you always love me?

    Where is the future?

    What will be my life in two months?
    what will be my life when you'll leave me for a more beautiful place?

    You will not be there to celebrate our two years of couple and our birthdays.

    Egoism, selfishness, or just a S.O.S.


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