• There. I Feel Well.

    I feel running towards you
    Even absent my heart's cryin.
    Absent since so long.
    Of any field of vision.

    Your eyes which look at me.
    Your words so sweet.

    You miss me. It's mad.
    Who shall have believed it...

    Your name, by accident,
    without my waiting,
    became my shade.

    And our ideals mingle with
    Our dreams of glory and love,
    Our dreams of smiles at poetry

    The burning of your wards,
    cools my mind.

    My love, my darling, my trip.

    Re-say it to me. Sing it to me. Invite me near you.

    your name winds to mine without knowing it.
    your wonderlands became mine.

    I feel well.
    I feel well.

    But I am so afraid
    To say it to you.
    Forget things that life taught me.
    I'm afraid to say it wrong.

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