• " 13 Angels Standing Guard Around The Side Of Your Bed. " 06-12-07


    Don't want to make him suffer.
    Don't want to make me colder.

    He is the King of Nowhere but he is Everything.

    Wonders that he Whisper to my heart.
    Northern winds that he brings to me.
    Smiles and happy ends that he make me see.
    And when he says that without me he can't fly...

    That's just...
    Like a bird carrying me far away.
    Like a bell ringing inside my heart
    Like a cocoon which I can't leave
    My infinite sweetness.

    The sounds which fly off.
    Almost unreal but true give me ephemeral wings.
    And some angels' feathers which caress my cheek.

    When an instant seems eternity.
    When the heart gets away from its chest.
    When we don't question ourselves anymore.
    When diem carpus reigns above our heads.
    When silence becomes joy.
    When sighs don't exist anymore.
    Because there's only the breath of the pleasure of being there.
    On a living skin.
    Alive because hot and shivery at the same time.

    Are we able to speak about love?

    Blue prince and his starry eyes.
    Little prince in my night without clouds.
    Guide me in depths of your soul.
    I want to love every part of it.

    Guide me home.


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