• Are you lying when you say you love me? (10 Août 2012)

    All the moments we shared.
    All the smiles we gave to each other.
    All the trips that we lived.
    All these silences that meant so much.
    Was it a lie?

    You have give all your love to me.
    Now you seems so emptiness...
    All our wake up in the morning,
    sharing looks, eyes in eyes.
    Now they're without a light

    You were my northern star.
    You were my strength to stay in the fight.
    With you I was really a star,
    there were no moutains too high...

    All the songs we have shared.
    All the time we passed to fight for our love,
    to keep a house full of laugh.
    All the dreams we wanted to achieved,
    Was it a lie?

    I tought this was just the beginning.
    I thought we had a lifetime ahead of us.
    I tought the worst, these shadows were behind.
    I thought we were going to find a balance,
    while floating on a cloud.
    It was just the beginning of the dance...
    The beginning of good mood.

    All our troubles can be solved,
    with a little less of lies...
    With a little more of words.
    With a little more of real love...
    Just if we fight together and not against each other

    Did you always have the same feelings for me?
    "more than everything"
    "until the world's end"
    "I will do everything for you 'cause I belong to you"
    "We' will make some babies and when I would ask you for marriage you will see come the event since very far because it will be so big..."
    "Princess, kitty, angel"
    "You make me reborn"
    "Before I meet you I had no dreams, no envy, no motivation. Now I have the courage for achieve my dreams"
    Oh god... you should have clarify me that it would be without me that your plans will be done...
    It's all a lie...

    "Hope is alive
    while we're apart
    only tears
    speak from my heart
    break the chains
    that hold us down
    and we shall be
    forever bound"

    "I am a dreamer and when I wake,
    You can't break my spirit - it's my dreams you take.
    And as you move on, remember me,
    Remember us and all we used to be.

    I Can't live without you."

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